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  1. *Server Wiped *Client & Server Updated to *Clean server database and files reset *Added mods Hotwheels,MoreShapes,AnimalHusbandry,Elixir mods *Collab mode switched to Medium *New generated map *New rule were added regarding Maintaining Structures in roleplay manner
  2. Rules Treat others with respect. There’s no need to say or do things to make others feel bad or upset. Trolling, generally defined as provoking a person/situation to get a response, is also not allowed. Offensive content is not allowed. While some minor amount of swearing is allowed, severe or frequent vulgarity, especially when directed at others, is not. Keep chat family friendly. Chat should be family friendly. This means certain subjects are not allowed in chat. These include, but are not limited to, discussions about sex, politics, religion or drugs. If a staff member asks you to move a conversation elsewhere or drop one, you should do so. Advertising is not allowed. Advertising other Eco servers is strictly banned. You also may not advertise websites, YouTube channels, Twitch streams, or anything else if it is not related to GameNationNetwork Allow moderators to do their jobs. You may not attempt to do a moderator’s job in threatening to punish players for breaking the rules. You are not allowed to argue against any decision made by a staff member regarding enforcement of the rules in any public channel. If you do disagree, please contact that staff member privately to resolve the issue, and if you cannot, you can fill official complaint form at https://forms.gle/TRqDpCATuMS1kV386 Spamming is not allowed. Spamming is filling chat with multiple unneeded characters or messages. Don't do it. This rule also applies to spamming commands that don't necessarily show up in chat (whether it be manually or via powertool) Cheating is not tolerated. Cheating in any form is not allowed. Anything that is considered to give you an unfair advantage over other players is considered cheating. This can include but is not limited to client mods to generate items/money easier or faster than otherwise possible, abusing server bugs or using alts/friends to gain more than you would normally gain on a single account. Keep your structures in Roleplay Atmosphere All structures should have a visible support underneath and should follow physics. Trading For Real Items Transactions to buy or sell currency or other in-game items for real money or other external products are not allowed. GNN ECO Server accounts too! Griefing is not allowed. Griefing is considered destroying or changing another player’s property or buildings without their consent in any protected area. Don’t do it. Do not scam other players, or try to. Scamming is taking money, items, work, or anything else of value from another player dishonestly. Channel Specific Rules Certain chats have specific rules you must follow while using them. You are required to be speaking English at all times in all of the channels.
  3. Server Rules: 1. Do not break Discord TOS 2. Staff reserve the right to keep they discretion over punishment, you have right to appeal all staff decisions 3. Bending or abusing the rules will be dealt with a ban. 4.No URL links or advertising alternate game or voice servers. 5.No spamming of any kind. 6.No trolling or minging will be permitted - punishable by immediate ban. 7.No abusive or racial comments. 8.Be respectful to all players and Admins. 9.Using third party softwares will be permanent termination from the community. 10.Abuse of bugs and glitches will not be tolerated in server. Rolepay Rules: 1. NO KOS 2. ALL CHAT used for RADIOS only. 3. Server is centered around Riverside, and the Riverside settlement. 4. You may defend your home from trespassers with lethal force. You should give a warning to leave before however. 5. If you initiate hostile interactions, you are not allowed to kill them unless they disobey commands or try to fight/flee. 6. Anything not in a safehouse is fairgame to steal, including cars and valuables. 7. Don't completely gut nonresidential buildings (gun stores, police stations, hospitals, etc.) 8. No basing in military areas and no hoarding of vehicles. Due to higher Activity of players using third party Software GameNation Network Staff May Suspend or freeze your game account due for further investigation if player activity in server may cause suspicion. Player may be question regarding his account activity on the server by the GNN Staff. These measures are implented to keep server monitored and fair for all players.
  4. About This Game Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? In the towns of Muldraugh and West Point, survivors must loot houses, build defences and do their utmost to delay their inevitable death day by day. No help is coming – their continued survival relies on their own cunning, luck and ability to evade a relentless horde. Current Features Hardcore Sandbox Zombie Survival Game with a focus on realistic survival. Online multiplayer survival with persistent player run servers. Local 4 player split-screen co-op Hundreds of zombies with swarm mechanics and in-depth visual and hearing systems. Full line of sight system and real-time lighting, sound and visibility mechanics. Hide in the shadows, keep quiet and keep the lights off at night, or at least hang sheets over the windows. Vast and growing map (loosely based on a real world location) for you to explore, loot and set up your fortress. Check out Blindcoder’s map project: https://map.projectzomboid.com/ Vehicles with full physics and deep and realistic gameplay mechanics. Use tools and items to craft weapons, barricade and cook. You can even build zombie proof forts by chopping trees, sawing wood and scavenging supplies. Deal with depression, boredom, hunger, thirst and illness while trying to survive. Day turns to night. The electricity falters. Hordes migrate. Winter draws in. Nature gradually starts to take over. Farming, fishing, carpentry, cooking, trapping, character customization, skills and perks that develop based on what you do in-game. Proper zombies that don’t run. (Unless you tell them to in the sandbox menu). A ton of amazing atmospheric music tracks by the prodigy that is Zach Beever. Imaginative Challenge scenarios and instant action ‘Last Stand’ mode, on top of regular Sandbox and Survival Full, open and powerful Lua modding support. Xbox Controller Gamepad support on Windows. [Others pads can be set up manually. Gamepad support not currently available on Mac] System Requirements OS: Windows 10, 64 Bit 64bit OS required Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Quad-core Memory: 8Gb Ram Hard Disk Space: 5gig Video Card: Dedicated graphics card with 2 GB of RAM minimum, OpenGL 2.1 and GLSL 1.2 support (generally 2012 or newer) Sound: FMOD compatible sound card
  5. Welcome to GAMENATION NETWORK'S Project Zomboid Server Staff Currently Community moderators for this project are @White @Martin Corvo Download Google Disk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bi_tq31ZeVPKrFaV6ungjk60X_Up-kMR/view?usp=sharing Support For any help or support please use the Discord channel of Project Zomboid or create a support ticket at the website menu. Please keep this topic to general chat about server, or any download, update , links problems. How to connect to the server & Server Information run "ProjectZomboid64.exe" Add server manually by entering server IP Adress port 16261 Or you can find our server in the server list with name GameNation Network EU PZ
  6. Welcome to GAMENATION NETWORK'S Citadel Forged WITH FIRE SERVER Staff Currently Community moderators for this project are @White @Martin Download Torrent https://www.1337x.to/torrent/5209064/Citadel-Forged-With-Fire-v33216-Multiplayer/ Google Disk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fEH_55MWlV8F3si3cQxG0x8S6Wo7Oreg/view?usp=sharing Support For any help or support please use the Discord channel of Avorion or create a support ticket at the website menu. Please keep this topic to general chat about server, or any download, update or links problems. How to connect to the server & Server Information run "Launch game & Connect to Server" Automaticly you should be joining the server if it didn't worked then Find "GameNation.Network" in server list through the main menu and try to connect.
  7. About This Game Citadel: Forged With Fire is a massive online sandbox RPG with elements of magic, spellcasting and inter-kingdom conflict. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to investigate the dangerous world of Ignus. Your goal: create a name for yourself and achieve notoriety and power among the land’s ruling Houses. You have complete freedom to pursue your own destiny; hatch plots of trickery and deceit to ascend the ranks among allies and enemies, become an infamous hunter of other players, build massive and unique castles, tame mighty beasts to do your bidding, and visit uncharted territories to unravel their rich and intriguing history. The path to ultimate power and influence is yours to choose. Welcome to the magical world of Ignus: a 36 square kilometer landmass of sweeping plains, dense forests, craggy mountains, festering swamps and frozen tundra. Leave no stone unturned as you explore dangerous caves and ancient ruins to recover powerful artifacts and uncover a rich history spanning thousands of years. Embark on a journey across the land to find the perfect place for you and your allies to call home. Master a diverse range of powerful spells. Discover your conduit of choice among a huge selection of mystic wands and staves, magically imbued axes, swords, maces and hammers, and enchanted gauntlets. Align your efforts with fellow Warlocks to create a mighty House. Create an internal hierarchy of power, design and plant your own House flag, share your resources to build huge castles and team up to hunt legendary creatures. Wage war with opposing Houses or hatch plans of deceit and trickery to cause internal chaos and ascend the ranks within your own. Use the Pacify spell to tame ferocious creatures and amass an army of minions. Tamed companions will gain experience and grow with you as you travel the world and triumph in battle. Siege an enemy fortress with a horde of savage Orcs, ride Horses and Direwolves to quickly traverse the vast landscape, or rain fiery death upon your enemies from the back of a Dragon! Construct your Dream Castle using hundreds of structural pieces found within a flexible and easy-to-use building editor, or take advantage of the dynamic destruction engine and crush someone else’s. Enhance your fortress with magical structures like defensive shields, attack towers, mana pools and respawn stones. Unlock new fortification materials and building features as you level up: with so many materials and pieces to work with the only limit is your imagination. Are you an old, bearded and wise Warlock or are you a young, ambitious and strong-willed Mage? Create your own style with a huge variety of clothing and weapon options. Discover a near limitless variety among these items’ stats with Citadel’s rich and deep loot generation system; every loot pull is different and ensures that fighting monsters and exploring dungeons is a constantly rewarding and memorable experience. Why walk when you can fly? Use your Wizardly prowess to take to the skies. Enjoy the convenience of a custom-crafted broomstick, tame and mount airborne companions like dragons and giant eagles, or use alchemy to concoct potent elixirs allowing flight without the aid of beast or broom. READ MORE System Requirements Minimum: OS: Windows 7 or better Processor: 2.0GHZ or better Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: GTX 950 equivalent or better DirectX: Version 10 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 20 GB available space Recommended: OS: Windows 7 or better Processor: 3.0GHZ or better Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: GTX 970 or better DirectX: Version 10 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 20 GB available space
  8. *Several inactive players territories been unclaimed and made available , Players who have intention in coming back but you have to leave for a long period of time please notify staff members. *Constitution and Elected titles were implemented in server *Eating Diffrent Variety of food now gives bigger xp rate growing bonuses *Food taste as well granting additional bonuses , the bigger specialist preparing food the better it is This update was focused on boosting "Cooking" skill in the world *Meteor impact was moved recently due to slow progress of civilization *Glitch was fixed in server which didn't allow some players to vote (due to duplicate accounts) *Server Rules have been finished (Will be uploaded in forum gamenation.network shortly)
  9. *Ships ownership restrictions will be put in server in order to reduce performance drop , now Individual player can have up to 6 ships , Aliiance can have 3 ships per player and 1 Station per Player means if alliance has 3 players will be able to have 9 Ships and 3 Stations *Difficulty was raised now Enemies will do 200% Damage (Old one was 100%)
  10. We have a discord server you can join it from the meniu above or by link discord.link/gnn , we will try to increase advertising of the server.
  11. Enter the world of Eco, a fully simulated ecosystem bustling with thousands of growing plants and animals living their lives. Build, harvest, and take resources from an environment where your every action affects the world around you. An imminent meteor strike threatens global destruction. Can you save the world without destroying it in the process? Construct buildings and towns, tend to your farm, hunt wildlife, build infrastructure and transportation, craft clothing, build power plants, and research new technologies. Specialize in a craft and trade your goods to other players. Develop your civilization and sculpt your planet. As your civilization grows, you’ll need to analyze data from the simulation; evaluating the impact you have on your world. Use this data as evidence in proposed laws, restricting harmful activities without disrupting the advancement of technology. Balance your individual needs with the needs of community, all while maintaining the state of the ecosystem. The future of your world is in your hands. Every organism in Eco exists as part of a detailed simulation; a disruption in one species can have cascading effects across the planet. Chop down all the trees, and habitats for creatures will be destroyed. Pollute the rivers with mining waste, and your farms will become poisoned and die. The ecosystem supplies the resources you and your community will need to stop the meteor. Manage your pollution, mining waste, hunting, and resource collection to balance your effect on this system. Eco is built on a rich ecological simulation. All the data generated from the interaction of plants, animals, climate, and players can be searched and analyzed using in-game graphs and heat-maps. Use the collected information as scientific evidence support to proposed laws. The ability to successfully debate using scientific evidence is your greatest weapon against the destruction of your world. Establish and maintain your own set of laws and government, which are enforced automatically by the game. Draft a proposal to limit clear-cutting in a protected forest, incentivize green energy solutions over fossil fuels by providing tax subsidies and penalties. Participate in elections for world leadership, allowing you to set tax rates and allocate community money. Use a programmable law system to make dynamic and flexible rules for the community, passing them by vote. Construct a wide variety of governments; from tightly-regulated dictator-states, to tax-and-spend subsidy programs, or even lawless communities relying on trust. Your skills increase based on your food and shelter. By consuming a highly nutritious variety of food and building an elaborate home you will rapidly increase your skill points. Skill points can be spent on skills like farming, hunting, trade, engineering, research, and more. Contribute to the greater good while increasing your own personal success. Included Features Online Multiplayer - Collaborate online with a community of players. Local Singleplayer - Build your own world, with the option to invite friends. Dedicated Server Included - Host your own Eco worlds. Over 30 different craft tables, with hundreds of recipes. Hundreds of items, skills, craft tables, and building blocks. A simulated ecosystem with dozens of unique species. With limited carrying capacity, players must create vehicles and networks of roads to transport materials. Create your own backed or fiat currencies, using them as a means of exchange in the economy. Build stores where you can sell your excess items for a profit. Eat varied and nutritious food and build ever larger homes to increase your skills. Create contracts for jobs that you would like players with different skill-specialties to accomplish for you. Take on contracts from other players that need the skills you possess. Design laws using programmable template system to protect your world or increase your profits, enforced by the game if ratified by the population. Run for election and make decisions that affect the globe. View and compile rich data from the simulation and use it to argue for group decisions. Claim land as your own property, and share access rights. Give and remove reputation from other players. Find a balance between progress and protection, between individual needs and those of the group, succeeding or failing together.
  12. Welcome to GAMENATION NETWORK'S ECO Server Staff Currently Community moderators for this project are @White@Martin and @Frostz Download Torrent https://www.1337x.to/torrent/5288445/ECO-Global-Survival-0-9-5-2-Multiplayer/ Google Disk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ISO4h8bTTQuTgd3ljgr8EcljtFQdq2tU/view?usp=sharing Support For any help or support please use the Discord channel of Eco or create a support ticket at the website menu. Please keep this topic to general chat about server, or any download, update or links problems. How to connect to the server & Server Information You need to have steam running. run Launch Eco to connect to the server, press "Your Worlds" and add server: Server IP to change language you have to navigate in game settings menu (its the button before last one) and on the left side of panel you can select language.
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