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  1. GameNation Network are proud to announce our new game/project addition to our network Avalon MU , recently project was integrated and merged into our network and now it's being operated by GNN Team , we welcome avalon mu team and their 500+ players community with open arms. What is Avalon MU? Avalon MU is a project based on a game called "MU Online" which was released back in 2003 and later on was continuously updated & maintained by community and game developers , Avalon MU has a huge experience by up keeping game itself and it's community , Community is very well alive world wide it's speculated that there is still well over 50,000 active players regularly in various projects just as Avalon. What will be Avalon MU Future with GameNation Network? Currently our team has established well planned out Road Map to bring the project to GNN Standards , popularize the community with ad campaign and establish well structured departments which would operate the project more efficiently. Overall we are very happy with our network expansion and together with them GNN will grow stronger. With Regards , Martin.
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