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VRISING - EU/PVP - GameNation Network / Cracked Multiplayer Download


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Currently Community moderators for this project are


Download Links

  1. Vrising Launcher

*Before launching the launcher make sure to put it in separate folder where you expect game to be downloaded


Stuck in Black Screen Issue:

Fix A:

  • Some players have reported the following solved the issue for them:


  1. Right-click the game in Steam and select Manage > Browse local files
  2. Navigate through the following folders: VRising_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings
  3. Locate the ClientSettings.json file
  4. Replace it with the attached ClientSettings.json file (this will reset your settings to default and set EOSServerSearch to false)

Tutorial how to connect to server step by step

  1. Click Play on the Main Menu
  2. Click on Online Play
  3. Then PVP
  4. Click on Direct Connect
  5. Insert IP adress of server
  6. click on connect



Few notes

  • Our Launcher is still in Early Beta so it's expected that issues can arise you can always contact staff regarding help with it
  • You need to have steam running.
  • Antivirus might flag Onlinefix64.dll or any related files which are part of the crack! Before downloading game recommended to whitelist folder in which vrising is or deactivating it.

For any help or support please  create a support ticket at the website menu or follow the link https://gamenation.network/index.php?/support/
Please keep this topic to general chat about server, or any download, update or links problems.


In case you encounter any internal issues or have any complaints regarding the project, our Human Resources representative for this project is Seraphina. You can reach out to her via Discord at seraphina1433 or through email at [email protected]. She will be happy to assist you with your concerns and provide you with the necessary support.




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